Phases of the Moon Diffuser Bracelet Set

Phases of the Moon Diffuser Bracelet Set - Sweet Somethings Vancouver
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  1. Our exclusive Phases of the Moon bracelet with essential oil was created in collaboration with Angela Paterson, Pranic Healer of Gabriel's Light
  2. The design inspires a connection with the Moon's phases and energy, bringing greater awareness of other cycles and rhythms within and helping you set intentions, and clear negativity 
  3. The lava stone bracelet features 8 unique 8mm semi-precious gemstones, each one representing a phase of the Moon's cycle that has it's own visual characteristics and spiritual meaning
  4. Place 1-3 drops of essential oil on one of the lava stone beads and wait a few minutes for it to absorb; 1 drop will last 3-5 days

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